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A Whole Box full of Bass and Blues

Women Friendly Fishing Charters

Both of our boats are women-friendly. Our boats are clean and taken care of. When you come on, they smell like Lemon Pledge. When you leave, the box is full of fillets, and the mate will bag them for you. We cater to bachelorette parties, we have more vessels and can take larger parties, for a comfortable and unbelievable experience. And remember, we're also bringing dinner home!

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Well, I'm on board the Islander II up in the Tuna Tower. Be advised we're one of the only Connecticut boats and charter businesses that takes you offshore.

We have specialty shark trips and tuna trips, and the smaller faster boat (twin diesel) can take you there safely and quickly. The reason why we're introducing a smaller boat to go to the offshore waters, sometimes 50 or 80 miles offshore, where the tunas are, is because it's so sporadic, and we get the information, and move quickly.

That's why you want a smaller boat that can go faster. And, it's less expensive.

Old Saybrook

2 Clark Street
Old Saybrook, CT 06475

(The Marina Is “Between the Bridges – Southyard”)


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Islander Sport Fishing Charters

2 Clark Street
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
Captain Wayne Goldsmith
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